Our Story

Community. I started Wizard's Keep to not only sell games and have a little fun doing it. I built it to provide a place for people of all ages to connect. When I was 13 years old he discovered Magic: The gathering from one of the older kids that lived down the street from me in Gig Harbor. After asking around at the local card shop I heard of a place people would gather on the weekends to play, its name was Wizard's Keep. To call Wizard's Keep a game store would have been a stretch. Located in the east side of Tacoma in a shady strip mall in a bad area.  it had a few random boxes in the corner of magic cards, volunteer staff, a fridge full of soda & frozen burritos, a rack of chips, candy and a microwave.

This is where our story begins. Tables everywhere, loud friendly characters, big ones, little ones, geeks, jocks, police officers, doctors, teachers kids from all over the city. People of all genders, race, age and orientation, the only thing that mattered was our mutual love for gaming. Wizard's keep was our own little club. We stayed up late, playing all manner of games. Not only did I learn about gaming. I learned about respect, sportsmanship, confidence and social skill.  I forged friendships that I still cherish today at that place. I would not trade that experience for anything.

I was hooked. I would spend countless hours working on my decks, learning about new magic cards. Keeping the phone line at my parents house tied up with our dial-up internet connection researching the best ways to win a the tournaments the next weekend at Wizard's Keep. Sometime's I would be up until 5am reading articles. My father sometimes would come into my room and sit and the foot of my bed, watching me. He often joked that "you better figure out away to get a job with those cards, you don't seem to be good at much else!".

With the passing of my parents and a few other major life changes and the support of my AMAZING wife. Here we are folks, taking that advice he gave me so many years ago. Jumping in with both feet. Building a place for our community. A place people can challenge themselves, build friendships, play some games and empower kids & adults to discover their own adventures.