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Welcome to our first ever Konquest at the Keep, where we will be playing Conquest: the Last Argument of Kings! Players will be bringing 2,000 point armies and competing against the best of the best that the area has to offer! Registration begins at 9:30, round 1 begins at 10. Prizes will take the form of store credit, plus bonus goodies provided by Para Bellum - including rare limited edition models and components!

The tournament will use whatever the current rules are at time of the tournament. Lists must be submitted to the following email - - and list submissions are due by midnight the week before the event (so midnight of 7/20), except for in the event that new rules are released between 7/20 and 7/27, in which case all players may re-submit lists during that time.


Once all lists are submitted, missions will be determined and publicly posted. We will be playing four two-hour rounds by default.

Konquest at the Keep #1 - 2000 Points - July 27th

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