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PLEASE NOTE: The pre-order price for this set will be INCREASED starting on Friday, May 31st - so if you want to save, be sure to get your pre-orders in nice and early!

Experience the power of Modern Horizons 3 with this new release following up on the success of the incredibly popular Modern Horizons 2! 


Modern Horizons 3 introduces a selection of fresh and thrilling cards to Modern, one of the most veneratd formats in Magic. Whether you are a new player, a returning enthusiast, or a seasoned veterans, Modern Horizons 3 will have something for you. Play Boosters offer the best of the best, with the potential to acquire multiple Rare cards or even one or more exciting Booster Fun treatments. A complete set of Play Boosters provides enough for a Draft event, or plenty to open yourself!

Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster Box

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